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Hopeless Schediophilia

"So once more, here's my life."

Another Ravaged Storyteller
3 June 1991

Yep, another one of those girls who has no clue who they are. Well, alright, I should give myself some credit. In my 19 years on the planet I've figured out... I think 3 important things: 1) Jesus is amazing, 2) I am a shameless animation nerd, and 3) An Aipom will not come out of my foam pokeball, no matter how many times I throw it.

This is where I do everything from spazz in all caps over geektastic things to contemplate my battle with depression to tell random stories about me and my crazy family to mention a scripture that really touched me. It's all writing, which I greatly enjoy doing. Any actual fanfic/art/icons are on netbugstuff though, so head over there if that's that you were looking for.

Thanks for stopping by! :D


Oh, the guy in the header? That's Chopper. He's a blue nosed man-reindeer who can talk, shape-shift, and preform complicated medical procedures.



WALL-E @ disneyclaims
Medabee, SPRX77, and Chopper @ claim_a_hero_
Morpheusshipping @ claims_pkmnship


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