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E3 Highlights

Okay, now that I've screamed, jumped around, and taken the time to gather more info, I've put together a countdown list of the top 7 games I'm the most interested in from E3.

7. Animal Crossing (3DS)

Animal Crossing never looked so smooth and glowy! That's... pretty much all there is to say about it at this point. That's also why it's at the metaphorical bottom on my excitement list for now; It looks nice, but I hope they really make an effort to do something new with it too. Animal Crossing, while fun, gets boring after doing the same thing all the time. You know what I'd like to see? Towns hosted online with multiple residents, so you don't need to share your game card with a friend for them to live there. That'd sell me.

6. Kingdom Hearts (3DS)

It's Kingdom Hearts! With the normal main cast! For a handheld I actually care about! Me like this idea. Not much to say beyond that for now, but I don't agree with the speculation that it's a KH1 port, unless they REALLY expanded it. (Pic chosen because the fangirls are gonne flip out at being able to control Riku.)

5. Epic Mickey (Wii)

Oh hey, I'd almost forgotten about this one. While I'm still not as impressed as I'd like to be with the gameplay graphics (hence opting to use some concept art), I can't help but feel excited for this game. And now we know for sure it's gonna be on the Wii. Sweeeet.

4. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (DS)

No surprises here, but looking forward to this. It looks great and continues a franchise I enjoy. Now all we need it PMD Wiiware to get its butt over here...

And here comes the top 3, where it goes from "Neat!" to "EPIC WANT."

3. Portal 2 (PS3, PC, Mac)

YES. Portal was a surprise hit for a reason; it had an interesting antagonist and fun gameplay style. Amping that into high gear? Making it available for the Mac? I'm sold.

2. Paper Mario (3DS)

A new Paper Mario is always a good thing, and it looks like the classic RPG elements are back! No offense to SPM, love that game, but Nintendo has too few good RPG series to start turning them into platformers for the long run. I'm also curious about the partners; Mario seems alone in all the pictures except the battle ones, where there's a normal looking chain chomp. Is there gonna be some sort of monster catching system, perhaps? I do hope they give Mario another character to bounce off of.

And the thing that had me spazzing the most....

1. Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)

Okay, first off, it's a Kirby Wii game. Ask any long member of the Kirby fandom who knows their history how excited that makes them. Kirby Wii has been held back, canceled, un-canceled, and ran through every possible stage of vaporware for years. But at last, this pops up at the E3, with the catch of looking completely different from the original planned title.

Honestly? Good. The artwork is beautiful. It's like Paper Mario if it all took place in a Jo-Ann Fabrics store. And it's trying some new stuff and looks ridiculously fun to play. If Canvas Curse is any indication, the best Kirby games are the innovative ones.
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