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PATF Review 2: The Spoily Part

This is part 2! Go to part 1 first! Yes, it came out that messy. Setting spoilers apart while not drowning my flist and all. xD;

GUYSSSSSSS. TIANA AND NAVEEN ARE SO CUTE! SO. CUTE. I just loved the dynamic between them. It reminded me of this weird mix between Spova and WEVE and did I mention it was TOTALLY CUTE? TOTALLY CUTE AND AWKWARD. Seriously, just everything with those two dragged me along in the best way. I think I'll need to watch this a few more times before I catch everything, cause fandom keeps saying things that happened in the film with the villian and stuff that I barely noticed cause I was so busy drowining in cute. I mean, I was sitting with my knees up in the chair and my hands laced together next to my cheek with my head tilted against them. Seriously, just like in cartoons when a character is watching an adorable movie. I'm not exaggerating. DFGDFJNGFJGNFJHNFHGJN! But it wasn't JUST cute, but also had sorta a realistic feel. Not like, totally realistic. It's Disney. But there was actually chemistry between the characters beyond the wishes and curses. It was nice to see two characters in the same mess and forced to bond instead of cursing one and making the other be all "IMA GUNNA RESCUE YOU!"

RAY. POOR RAY. MY THEATER CRIED. But that was seriously such an epic subversion of Disney Death. I thought "oh he's gonna glow and come back blah blah blah" and then THE STAR THING. ;_; I was shaking my fist and cursing Disney under my breath for once again tearing my heartstrings out. Wasn't Kerchak enough for you people?!

And Louis. xD I laughed so hard at his story about his attempts playing on a steamboat. When I was squeeing like a pathetic shipper or crying I was laughing. "I FOOOOUUUUNNNND THE STIIIIIICK! 8D"

And man, the baddie. I was shivering the whole movie... until he stepped on Ray. It was like I was overcoming fears with the characters. I got so mad that from then on I just wanted to punch him in the face. Also, I've heard a LOT of Christians complaining about how demonic this guy is... and I'll never get them. HE'S THE BAD GUY. When you put light into the darkest room possible, the light becomes brighter and more notable. Having a bad guy who was basically a demon actually invested me MORE as a Christian personally, because I felt like he was symbolic of temptation in our lives as a whole. That made Tiana and Naveen's situation easy to relate with despite how outlandish it was. Darkness in films isn't an issue: It's darkness being glorified. Seriously. Some days I wonder if there's a group of Christians reading a translation of the Bible where Satan pets kittens or something and they're the ones griping about this stuff.

The fact that the star can be equated so easily to prayer was also helpful in making this connection. In fact, I think this was a great message of doing your best each day that Christians don't get talked to enough about: It's so easy for us to pray and then forget that we still need to come halfway. God didn't tell Gideon to go sit on a couch while he dealt with the Mennonites. He gave Gideon a task that was in his power if he did his best.

The songs were wayyyy too catchy. I dunno when they'll get out of my head, but I could probably start the process by not listening to the soundtrack OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Not my fault Disney is streaming it this week. I think my favs are When We're Human and Ma Belle Evangeline. The later, I just loved the scene with. Just... DAWWWW. And yes, I liked the pop song. Sue me. (The credits were adorable also!)

I think Naveen is my favorite character by the end, even though at first I couldn't stand him. I guess I have a thing for the "Ladykiller in Love" trope. He just has some really awesome and adorable character development. I will admit, however, I find him totally ugly in that prince outfit. I like his street outfit more. xDDD;;;; ...Heck, I think my favorite designs of Tiana and Naveen were as frogs. They were so well thought out and animated. Princely!Naveen looked like a lot of other princes to me.

Also, I really loved the theme of the movie. We have all our distractions and temptations in life but what's most important is lo.... wait....


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