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Because I like to know who is reading this thing and I don't like spam/flames. So yeah, if you're interested in the adventures of my spazzing, angst, growing pains, and the crazy chat log thrown in time to time, comment that you'd like added and you shall be!

Please keep in mind, I am a Bible believing Christian and don't keep that a secret. I do my best to treat everybody of any belief with love and respect, and would appreciate if you were willing to do the same for me. Thank you.

If you are JUST looking for my fanfics/icons/fanart, netbugstuff</lj>  is where I post that stuff, and it's totally public. Of course, I do fandom babble behind this flock often, as animation is one of my favorite things in the world, but the goodies are usually over there. Give it a watch if you like! :D
Ash and Infernape

Pokemon DP163 Review + Picspam


Yeah, I'm a day late here, huh? Well, I honestly needed some time to warm up to this; I was expecting more of a Chim-Charred feel and it took me a while to realize that it was still a cool episode even if I didn't get it how I wanted. Plus, once I realized that I spent the rest of the day garnering more information, pictures, and footage and spazzing with Silver Wings over it, so yeah. xD;;;;

That said, I'm just going to do my entire epi-picspam now, and when it airs in the states (And even though I pretty much spoiled myself silly, I WILL be watching it in the States.) I might bring a few points up.

Warnings: Spoilers, a ton of pictures, allcaps, and making fun of

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